Join the shelter management simulation!!

                   In the event of disaster, you may go to any nearest shelter.
                   Ebina city and each community group will simulate disaster response in each shelter.
                   The simulation will be held at 31 places.
                   Please check the following the schedule and take part in the simulation in your nearest place.  
   Upper left: Setting up reception    Upper right: Transport of disaster supplies
Bottom left: Setting up the portable toilet    Bottom right: Cooking emergency food
The shelter management consists of 4 teams with the spirit of self-defense for their own local community.
We have "Information team", "Supply team", "First-aid team" and "Sanitary team". 




Kokubu community center is unable to held due to construction.
Please bring drinking water by yourself for prevention heatstroke. 




                         1 Please check the schedule and the start time of the simulation place.


                         2 You will hear the siren at 9 a.m. on that day except Higashi Kashiwagaya elementary school
                           (You will hear the siren at 10 a.m.).
                             Before you come,please perform "DROP", "COVER" and "HOLD ON" at home. 



                                            3 Evacuate to the shelter by walk. 


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